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Welcome To The RAB
Renters Agent Bendigo

Explore The RAB's rental advocacy for personalized advice, inspections, and application support. Contact us today for expert assistance in finding a rental property!

About The RAB

We understand that finding the right home can be a daunting task. That’s why The RAB offers our premium service to make finding a home easy and stress-free.

Whether you're too busy, have special requirements or just want some help relocating, we will work with you and for you to find the property that is suitable for you.


Rent Smarter, Not Harder with The RAB

Our Services

Renters Agent Bendigo The RAB Full Service Package
The Renters Agent Bendigo The RAB Rent Assistance

Our Full Service Package will include everything required to secure a rental property for you including

- Sourcing properties according to your requirements

- Arranging and Inspecting properties on your behalf including videoing/facetiming the properties for you

- Preparing, Processing and Submitting your applications

- Negotiating and gaining approval for rental properties. 

If you are unable to attend a viewing, We can attend inspections for you. With permission, we can video or facetime the inspection for you and provide a thorough description of the property and surrounds.


We can also attend inspections with you and use our experience to provide advice and feedback to help you. It is always encouraged and required by some Real Estates to view the property or have someone view on your behalf to be considered for approval.


$450 AUD

The Renters Agent Bendigo The RAB Bendigo Rental Application Service

We can either help you create outstanding applications or provide detailed instructions on the required information and format for your application to stand out. This will ensure that your applications are processed quickly and as a priority. 


$100 AUD

$100 AUD 

The Renters Agent Bendigo Rental Consultant Advice

Your choice of a meeting where we provide detailed and personalised advice on the entire process of securing a rental property. 

The RAB can help you understand how to navigate the steps in the rental process or assist if you are struggling and need some advice to ensure you have the tools to get the property you want quickly.

$50 AUD

Video Inspection

Renting Made Easy with The RAB 

Are you tired of spending hours searching for the perfect rental property, only to find that it doesn't meet your expectations? Look no further than The RAB. Let us help you save time and money by attending a rental inspection of your chosen rental property. Subject to privacy, we will be able to conduct live video viewings for you or record videos as appropriate.

The Renters Agent Bendigo The RAB Remote Inspection Service

Let Us Help You Find Your Perfect Home

Find Your Dream Rental in Top Areas

Find Your Perfect Match with Our Loved Homes

Stop Searching and Start Living

“Jamie is an absolute God send! After dealing directly with Real Estate Agents who seemed to only care about filling their properties, Jamie tailored to our needs and gave great recommendations within our budget. I saved so much time, and was able to rely on his advice. If we have to move again, we will be giving him a call."

Kevin B

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